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Four good reasons for crying …

1. It makes nine out of 10 people feel better, reduces stress, and may help to keep the body healthy.
2. It's also free, available to almost everyone, and has no known side effects, other than wet tissues, red eyes and runny makeup.
3. Crying may not be a blockbuster drug, but the latest research suggests it's highly effective at healing, and that it improves the mood of 88.8 per cent of weepers, with only 8.4 per cent feeling worse.
4. Researchers suggest that crying is so beneficial that there may be a case for inducing it in those who find it difficult to let go.

Description of book:

Shaya is a big boy now and not supposed to cry. But one day, fed up, he opens the door and runs towards the sea. On the way, guided by the wind, he discovers how the pain within our hearts can be released and healed through the Magic of Tears.

This story relates the journey of a young and courageous boy in nature where he is able to release the pain within his heart that is related to conflicts at home. His journey ultimately helps his parents reconnect with one another and with their ability to heal their own pain and open their hearts.

This 76 page book with 33 water color images illustrates how this healing mechanism works in a story that will touch the hearts of children and adults. It was written and illustrated by a three generation team. Nitsan (the mother and daughter) wrote the book, Rachella (the grandmother and mother) and Shir (the daughter and granddaughter)) illustrated it. All three live in Israel, served in the military or in national service and have experienced the Israeli Palestinian conflict ''up close and personal''.

How you are helping others by buying the book?

Fifty percent of the profit from this book will be donated to the Together Beyond Words Organization so we can expand our efforts to transform the pain that is fueling the conflict in the Middle East into understanding and empathy…

Book recommendations:

''I found this book during a quiet lunch break at the library and started reading it. It attracted me visually because it is so colorful and the drawings so beautiful and pastoral. The story moved me and I began to cry. It touched me exactly in the right places and connected me to the little girl inside, the one who heard so many times in her life that she needs to be strong and that she should not cry and feel sorry for herself.

Today as a mother to my own children, I often think about these types of questions-- how do I encourage my children to express their feelings? Because I myself find a great deal of comfort in books and draw inner strength from them, I bought a copy for my daughter and nephew. I would like to give them the message that it ''is permitted and desirable to cry''. I want them to know that crying is good for us and that it is nature's way of supporting us in working through our emotional wounds Congratulations to Nitsan for her sensitivity in dealing and working with this issue.''

-- Yael, the librarian at the Kfar Vradim library


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About Together Beyond Words:

In 2003, along with her Arab and Jewish colleagues in Israel Nitsan created the Together Beyond Words Organization ( that has since provided places where Arab and Jewish women can release their pain and fears and become connected with each other and with their power to work for change.

In the past couple of years the work has expanded to include men. Our goal now is twofold and includes providing the place and the training for:  Arab and Jewish women to become empowered so they can work for Peace; and for Jewish and Arab women and men to share and release their pain related to the conflict, regain their ability to feel empathy towards one another and work together for change.

The Magic of Tears describes one key aspect of our healing work.

,Recommendations for Nitsan: director of Together Beyond Words

''I have known and admired Nitsan Joy Gordon for almost eight years.
In Nitsan’s capacity as director of Together Beyond Words, our paths have intersected professionally because of our shared passion for furthering world-wide opportunities for women’s empowerment. We have both dedicated our lives and work to helping create bridges for healing, advancement, and peace for humankind.
Nitsan is a visionary, and her lived experience in Israel is a story for the world. The writings she produces in connection with her work are beautifully crafted, passionate, and moving. She herself is an inspiration, and her writing inspires others. These are the stories that need to be told. These are the stories that open hearts and eyes and engage hearts. These are the stories that have the potential to engage the world and inspire change.
Any contribution to Nitsan’s ability to be able to write down her wisdom (and her accompanying call to action) benefits much more than her own life. This is gift to the world: words from the heart of the Middle Eastern struggle, filtered through the heart and soul of one who is living it with insight and awareness. ''

--- Paula D'Arcy, a writer, retreat leader, and conference and seminar speaker and the President of the Red Bird Foundation