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Aura Hammer Is an Israeli Jew who created a coexistence group called “Neighbors” where she facilitated a “Beyond Words” group for Arab and Jewish mothers and teachers. She facilitate in a summer camp for Jewish and Arab girls and in Maagale Hakshava NGO. Aura is the mother of one child.

Asmahan Mansur– BA in Education and Management with Honors. Asmahan is in the process of completing her studies for her MA in education with a focus on learning systems. She is Christian Arab Israeli and a facilitator with Beyond Words and Maagale Hakshava. She has studied Bio -organamy and Reiki and has began incorporating it into her work. Asmahan is learning and using Capacitar methods in her workshops within Israel and has also translated some of the Capacitar literature into Hebrew and Arabic. She is the mother of' two children.

Liri Meshi-Yohel is an Israeli Jew and has seven years experience in different types of bodywork including the Alexander technique. She studied at the Academy of Dance in Jerusalem and is an accredited level II facilitator in the Avi Greenberg method of Holistic Reflexology and has seventeen years of co-counseling experience. She has been one of the facilitators of the “Beyond Words” project since its inception and has been instrumental in developing the interdisciplinary methods used in the program. Tamar is the mother of three children.

Mervat Hamati B.Ed.,--- is a Christian Arab Israeli and a kindergarten teacher with many years of experience. Mervat is a leader of Arab women’s empowerment groups in Israel and has volunteered to support abused women in the city of Acco. She has worked as a facilitator for BW for several years Mervat is the mother of three children.

Miri Golan – MA in Administrative Community Social Work wrote her Masters thesis in social justice on poverty and soup kitchens. She is an Israeli Jew Bituach Leumi social worker and group leader for Arab and Jewish low- income women and widows, as well as a Beyond Words facilitator and one of the founders and co - director of Women in the Center in Nazareth. Miri is the mother of three children.

Nitsan Gordon M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy (Thesis on Nonverbal Cues to Prejudice) - is an Israeli Jew and the founder and director of “Beyond Words”. She is trained and experienced in dance/movement therapy, healing touch and multi-level listening techniques – all of which are used as part of the Beyond Words Educational Model. For several years, she has led courses on understanding and healing prejudice in three Colleges; as well as workshops and trainings using the BW model in Israel and the United States and more recently in NZ. Nitsan is the mother of two children.

Noa Ma'ayan - B.A. in organizational sociology. Noa is an Israeli Jew and the administrative director of Beyond Words with several years of experience in fundraising and administrative consulting . She is also a certified facilitator for Maagale Hakshave (the way of the council) and has led several circles using this approach for Jewish and Arab women as well as teenagers throughout the country. Noa is the mother of four children.

Nurit Avrahami-Law is Jewish Israeli educator who worked for over 20 years with troubled youth in a kibbutz setting. She is an accomplished artist and sculptor, and a Reiki and Karuna master. Currently she teaches drama and expressive arts in local schools and leads self-empowerment and Reiki workshops. She has been a facilitator with Maagale Hakshava for three years. Nurit has recently begun co-facilitating with Mervat a “Beyond Words” teachers group in the village of Me’ilya.

Sylvia Margia - MA in Women Studies. Sylvia is a Christian Arab Israeli and the co-director of Women in the Center. She is a facilitator both with Beyond Words and Creativity for Peace and has recently started a first of its kind Women’s Empowerment and Peace center in the Arab city of Nazareth called Women in the Center. In her 12 years as a social worker with Bituach Leumi she has led several groups for low income and widowed Jewish and Arab women. Sylvia is the mother of two children.

Yifat Mayan is an Israeli Jew who holds MA in Expressive Arts. Her expertise is in working with children with special needs and for the past eight years has been working with Arab Druze children in two villages in the Galilee. She leads groups of children, adolescents and adults in expressive arts. Yifaat and Nahwand used the BW approach with mothers in the old city of Acco. Yifat is the mother of two children.






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